Thursday, December 1, 2011

Add NetApp filer to Oracle Grid Control

Configuring Netapp filer for Oracle enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R3 – R5 and 11g.

If you would like to see the Netapp stats in Grid control here is what you do:

Make sure SNMP is enabled on the filer.

SNMP has versions 1,2 and 3.
Oracle says they only support version 1, but I have used version 3 successfully

Here is a doc for that:

snmp goes over port 162 so you will need that open between the OEM server and the NetApp filer.

Set up OEM (Grid Control) Menu
In OEM select the preferences from the top left.
From the menu on the left side select target sub-tabs and move the NetApp Filers over to the right side.
Hit apply. Now when you click on the targets tab you will the the NetApp Filers option in the horizontal menu.
You will not see any filers, you have to add them.

Set up agent
To add a filer, you have to choose an agent, you do not need a agent on the filer.
The agent can be any of your agents you have installed, it is like a relay.

If you have an agent installed on the Grid Control server that is a good on to use.

Click on setup (in the upper left of web page)– agents (in the blue menu bar)

Select the agent you are going to use and click the agent link.

In the drop down list in the middle left side select add “Network Appliance Filer”

For the name put in the hostname of the filer

For the hostname, put in the hostname of the filer.

Click the test connection button, it should work. If not, you may have a communication problem over port 162.

Now when you click the NetApp Filers menu item you will see the filer there and you will be able to drill down into the stats.

It collects data every 15 minutes.


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